How to Do a Healing

  1. Say: “I call upon the angel Kristatvi-heresva by the power of his sigil that I hold, to place the sigil of Kri-asta-bruavat for the Earth Energies to clear constrictions in the flow of Energy, 3 times in ___________ (e.g. ‘this horse’s’ or name of a pet’s) navel.
  2. Look at the angel’s sigil as you call his name (you do not draw this sigil).
  3. Sign/draw the healing sigil in the air 3 times, saying its name (e.g. Kri-astabruavat, Kri-asta-bruavat. Kri-asta-bruavat) Hint: Draw the sigil by starting on the left side and moving towards the right. You may want to color each uninterrupted line in a different color so that it can be easily distinguished.